How Much Is an Executive Condominium in Singapore?

In Singapore, the cost of executive condominiums (ECs) has gone up in the last ten years. Yet, they are still in demand by families with moderate incomes. The average price for each square foot has jumped from around S$800 in 2014 to roughly S$1,500 now. This increase is mainly due to higher land, construction, and labor expenses. Still, ECs are about 25-30% more affordable than private condos in the same spot.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The average price per square foot of executive condominiums in Singapore has nearly doubled from around S$800 in 2014 to about S$1,500 today.
  • The rising prices of ECs are primarily due to increases in land, construction, and labor costs.
  • Despite the price hikes, ECs are still 25-30% cheaper than comparable private condominiums in the same area.
  • ECs offer a more affordable path to private home ownership for middle-income Singaporean families.
  • Factors such as location, accessibility, and amenities can significantly impact the pricing of ECs in Singapore.

Understanding Executive Condominiums in Singapore

Executive condominiums (ECs) in Singapore mix features of public and private housing. Private developers build them with a government subsidy. This makes them more affordable for middle-income families.

What Are Executive Condominiums?

Executive condominiums, known as ECs, blend public and private housing aspects. They are developed by private companies with government help. This support makes them more budget-friendly than private condos.

Features and Facilities of Executive Condominiums

ECs boast many modern amenities similar to private condos. You can find swimming pools, gymnasiums, and function rooms. They also offer comfortable living with spacious designs and quality finishes.

Residents can enjoy communal green spaces as well. This makes living in ECs not just affordable, but also pleasant.

Eligibility Criteria for Purchasing Executive Condominiums

To buy an executive condominium in Singapore, you must meet certain conditions. You need to be a citizen or permanent resident. Additionally, your household must earn at least S$14,000 monthly.

It’s also important that you don’t own any other homes. First-time buyers get a chance before others to purchase these ECs.

Factors Influencing Executive Condominium Prices

The cost of an executive condominium (EC) in Singapore depends on several key elements. These include its location and accessibility, age and remaining lease, size and layout of units, and what amenities and facilities it includes.

Location and Accessibility

Location plays a vital role in the price of an EC in Singapore. ECs near public transport or main roads usually cost more than those in remote areas. The ease of getting around and accessing essential services means a lot to buyers, impacting the final price.

Age and Lease Remaining

The age of the EC and how much longer the lease lasts also affect its price. Newer ECs with longer leases are more popular and sold at higher prices. This is because buyers think about future value and how much their property might appreciate over time.

Size and Layout of Units

The size and design of an EC’s units greatly influence its cost. Bigger, more spacious units with additional bedrooms are typically more expensive than smaller ones. The style and practicality of the unit’s layout also help set the price.

Amenities and Facilities

The presence of top-quality amenities and facilities within an EC can drive its price up. ECs with great leisure areas like pools, gyms, and community spaces, as well as being close to shopping and entertainment, often cost more. This is because they offer a better lifestyle and more convenience to those living there.

FactorImpact on EC Pricing
Location and AccessibilityECs closer to public transportation and major roads tend to have higher prices.
Age and Lease RemainingNewer ECs with longer leases are generally priced higher than older developments.
Size and Layout of UnitsLarger units with more bedrooms and better layouts command higher prices.
Amenities and FacilitiesECs with better recreational and lifestyle amenities are priced higher.

Pricing Trends and Average Costs

In Singapore, the cost of executive condominiums (ECs) has been going up over the last decade. This is because land, construction, and labor are more expensive. The average price per square foot of ECs jumped from around S$800 in 2014 to about S$1,500 now. This makes ECs a high-end choice for middle-income families in the city.

Historical Price Trends

The EC price history in Singapore shows rising prices over the past ten years. They’ve almost doubled. This is due to limited land, higher costs to build, and strong demand from the middle class for private homes they can afford.

Current Average Prices by Region

The current average EC prices change a lot based on where they are and what they offer. ECs in prime spots or near good transportation tend to be more expensive. They sell for a bigger price per square foot than those in suburban or remote areas.

Examples of Recent Executive Condominium Transactions

Looking at the latest EC transactions in Singapore shows us what’s happening in the market. For instance, in 2022, units at the Parc Central Residences in Tampines went for about S$1,600 per square foot. At the same time, homes at the Provence Residence in Canberra sold for around S$1,400 per square foot.

“How much is executive condominium in Singapore?”

The cost of an executive condominium (EC) in Singapore varies. It depends on where it is, how easy it is to get there, its age, its size, and what it offers. Newer and bigger ECs in great locations are usually more expensive. This is because they are more desirable.

Factors Affecting Executive Condominium Prices

The factors that impact EC prices in Singapore include:

  • Location and accessibility to public transportation, amenities, and other nearby facilities
  • Age of the development and remaining lease period
  • Size and layout of the individual units
  • Quality and variety of on-site amenities and facilities

If an EC is near an MRT station or a big road, it will likely cost more. The same goes for bigger units, and those in developments with better facilities.

Average Pricing for Different Unit Types

The average EC prices by unit size can change a lot in Singapore. Smaller units, like one- and two-bedrooms, might cost from S$700,000 to S$1 million. On the other hand, larger units, such as three- and four-bedrooms, could be priced from S$1 million to S$1.5 million or more. Penthouses and premium units can go above S$2 million.

Comparison with Private Condominiums

ECs in Singapore are typically 25-30% more cost-effective than private condominiums. The reason for this is the help from the government and lower development costs for ECs. But, as ECs get older and their lease nears the end, they might get closer in price to private condos.

Unit TypeAverage EC PriceAverage Private Condo Price
1-2 BedroomS$700,000 – S$1,000,000S$900,000 – S$1,300,000
3-4 BedroomS$1,000,000 – S$1,500,000S$1,300,000 – S$2,000,000
Penthouse/PremiumAbove S$2,000,000Above S$2,500,000

Financing Options for Executive Condominiums

Singaporeans looking to buy an executive condominium (EC) have many ways to finance their purchase. They can get housing loans from banks. The rules are like for buying an HDB flat, including needing a certain income and meeting debt limits.

Housing Loans and Eligibility

To get an EC housing loan, you must meet the bank’s criteria. This often means having a set minimum income, controlling how much debt you have, and putting down a minimum down payment. The eligibility for EC housing loans ensures buyers can pay their monthly loan bills without stress.

CPF Usage and Grants

Aside from loans, buyers can use their CPF savings for their EC. They can take out some money from their CPF for the down payment and loan payments. Plus, if you qualify, there are government grants to help. These grants aim to aid middle-income families in buying ECs.

Knowing about the financing options for an EC in Singapore is important. This includes loans, using CPF, and the grants available. Such knowledge helps buyers get ready for their EC purchase.

Tips for Buying an Executive Condominium

Thinking about buying an executive condominium (EC) in Singapore? First, look at your budget and what you need in a home. It’s important to know how much you can spend, considering savings, loans, and CPF money.

Evaluating Your Budget and Needs

Look at how much you make each month and what you spend it on. Figure out how much you can spend on an EC. Also, think about your family size and what you’ll need in a home for the future.

Researching and Comparing Projects

Do your homework on EC projects in areas you like. Compare things like how easy it is to get around, what’s near, how big the units are, and prices. This helps you pick the right EC for you.

Understanding the Purchase Process

Learn about buying an EC. Know the rules for who can buy, when they’re available, and what paperwork you’ll need. This makes the buying process smoother and avoids problems.


Executive condominiums (ECs) in Singapore make a great choice for middle-income families. They offer a private home at a lower price than normal condos. This takes into account the rise in costs over the years.

Many people in Singapore are looking for affordable homes. ECs help bridge the gap between public and private housing. It’s important to know about their features, who can buy them, and how to pay for them.

Preparing your budget and reviewing EC options is key. With the right help and information, Singaporean families can reach their dream of home ownership. ECs are an attractive option for those looking for a private home.


What are executive condominiums (ECs) in Singapore?

Executive condominiums are a mix of public housing and private condos. They are built by private companies but get help from the government. This helps make private home ownership more affordable for middle-income families in Singapore.

What factors influence the prices of executive condominiums in Singapore?

The location, access to transport, amenities, and nearby facilities affect an executive condominium’s price. Units near MRT stations or main roads usually cost more. The age of the building, unit size, and the quality of amenities also play a part in pricing.

How have executive condominium prices in Singapore changed over time?

In the last ten years, executive condominium prices in Singapore have nearly doubled. Yet, they’re still in demand. Prices per square foot increased from S$800 in 2014 to around S$1,500 now. This change is due to higher land, construction, and labor costs.

How do executive condominium prices compare to private condominiums in Singapore?

Executive condominiums in Singapore are typically 25-30% cheaper than private ones in the same area. This affordability makes them a good option for middle-income families. They get to own a private home without breaking the bank.

What financing options are available for buying an executive condominium in Singapore?

Singaporeans buying an executive condominium have many financing choices. They can get housing loans from banks with rules similar to those for HDB flats. This includes looking at minimum income and debt ratios. Using CPF savings to buy an EC is also an option.

What should I consider when buying an executive condominium in Singapore?

Buying an executive condominium in Singapore requires careful budgeting and understanding your needs. It’s key to check your finances like savings, loans, and CPF use. Ensure you have a clear budget in mind. Researching different EC projects to find the best one is also important.